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Automatic Tracking in Mileage Scout

Save Money

Mileage Scout automatically tracks trips and miles so your company can get accurate mileage reports from employees. Use our Cent per Mile or Fixed and Variable Rate Program to save money.

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Categorization in Mileage Scout

Save Time

Save your company time by streamlining the reimbursement process. Mileage Scout allows employees to automatically track miles and company managers to easily access those employee mileage report records.

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Reporting in Mileage Scout

Streamline Reimbursements

Mileage Scout is a mobile app that your drivers can install on their smartphones to effortlessly track mileage by utilizing GPS. Your drivers have the convenience of submitting their mileage reports directly. Company managers can easily review and authorize these reports using the Team Dashboard. Additionally, managers have the flexibility to access and download their teams' trip and mileage reports whenever needed.

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Mileage Scout for Self Employed & Independent Contractors

Maximize your mileage deduction by using Mileage Scout to accurately track and record your miles.

Drive Tracking

Use our mobile app technology to automatically detect drives and miles driven.

Classify Your Drives

Easily classify your drives as work or personal or use our smart technology to automatically do it for you.

Mileage Reports

Download Excel or PDF mileage reports from our mobile app or online dashboard.

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